Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Solatube Products Cheaper Than a Smartphone

Shopping during the holidays can not only be stressful, but expensive! With technology booming, everyone looks to tech for those flashy presents to make an impact. What if I told you that there’s something you can give your loved ones that can make a different kind of impact? Something they can enjoy for years upon years that will improve their home immensely. Better yet, something that will save them money every single month. That’s why we wanted to share with you 3 Solatube products that are cheaper than a smartphone (or any other popular electronics for that matter). Take a look at some of these energy-efficient and affordable products below:

1. Tubular Skylight (Solatubes) – $890-$1300

Natural light is something every homeowner desires. It makes every single room vibrant and alive. Not to mention improves your mood and overall wellbeing.

How does it work? Sunlight enters the natural lighting system on top of your roof through a dome. It then bounces through the reflective tubing and gets refracted through a decorative fixture to illuminate your space.

Imagine gifting this amazing tubular skylight to someone with a dark kitchen, bathroom, closet, or wherever they need more light. Sunlight doesn’t cost a thing, so they will be enjoying this spectacular gift for decades to come without adding to their energy bill. That sounds like a bright idea to me!



2. Solar Attic Fan – $849-$949 (minus a tax credit!)

During cooler months, your attic is more than likely storing moisture that can damage your home in the long run. During the spring and summer, Solatube Home’s areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Phoenix can get incredibly hot. Not just outdoors, but in your home and especially your attic space. In fact, on a 100°F day, attics can get up to 170°F or more! Imagine what effect that can have on your home below as well.

Here comes another opportunity to help a friend or family member out with an amazing gift. If you know they could use some assistance with their overly hot attic or home, our Solar Attic Fan is a fantastic option that, again, is powered solely by the sun. Better yet, because this product is solar-powered, you will get a 26% federal tax credit off of the product and installation. That makes our attic fan and our next product pick the most affordable of the 3 Solatube products cheaper than a smartphone.




3. Garage Fan – $849-$949 (minus a tax credit!)

Our solar and electric garage fans work very similarly to our solar attic fans only, you guessed it, it removes hot air from the garage space! If you have a friend or family member that loves to work and/or take care of projects in their garage, this could be a game-changer for them.

If you know that they are constantly battling fumes, odors, or sweltering heat in their garage space, the perfect solution is to remove that hot air and other irritants from the space. This powerful fan sucks all of that unwanted stuffiness outdoors using just the power of sunlight. Depending on the area, there are some applications that call for electricity, but Solatube Home has thought of every possible solar integration to make it work with no increase to the energy bill.



When weighing the options, really consider the giftee’s wants and needs. Have you heard them talking about needing better lighting in their home? Do they need a design change or improvement? Or maybe their A/C is working overtime and they need to shave some dollars off of their energy bill. This is your chance to make a lasting impact on this person’s day-to-day life. Perhaps you want to consider gifting yourself or your spouse something that will brighten every single day for them?

If you’re ready to change someone’s life with the gift of natural light or ventilation, please give our team a call. Consultations are completely free to get started!

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